Sunday, July 13, 2014

Vacation to Somewhere part 8

It doesn’t look like we’re going to find a place that all of us can agree on. We might just have to draw straws or play rock paper scissors, which is called scissors paper stone in Chinese.

At the top of my list is Amsterdam. Ryan & I went there 3 years ago, but the main part of that trip was Rome. Amsterdam was just something extra we added because our flights went through Amsterdam airport. I liked Amsterdam a lot more than I expected and I’d love to see more of it and spend more time there.

At the top of Lily’s list is Bali. She’s looked at a lot of villas online and likes the idea of a private pool as much as I do. Ryan & I have been there also, but we only saw a fraction of the island. August is the dry season in Bali and it would be nice to walk around with a little less humidity than what we experienced in the middle of the wet season.

Ryan & Kevin both want to go to Thailand, but not the same place. Ryan wants to go back to Bangkok, where we spent a couple of days at the end of our big cruise last year. I’d love to see more of Bangkok since we saw so little, but I think I’d rather go to Amsterdam. There are also some political issues in Bangkok right now, but I’m sure that wouldn’t affect us.

Kevin wants to go to Chiang Mai. I like that none of us have ever been there before, but I’m not crazy about the fact that August is the wet season. In fact, it rains more in August than any other month. A little rain here and there is no big deal, but constant downpours can really put a dent in your trip. August is also the wet season in Bangkok, but September is supposed to be the worst month by a mile.

We could always spend half the time in Bangkok and half in Chiang Mai, but that’s really not my favorite way to do things. You have to pack your junk in the middle of the trip, take a plane or train to the other city and then check in and unpack at a new hotel or villa. That eats up a lot of time. I’d rather just spend the entire trip in one place. No matter where we go, we’re going to have to deal with enough waiting around at airports anyway. I don’t really want to waste even more time playing hurry up and wait.

It almost looks like we’re going to Thailand since it has 2 votes, but since we’ve all been living in Hong Kong for a few years, we know what it’s like to be somewhere when it’s raining every single day. One of the benefits of getting out of Hong Kong is getting away from the rain and constant humidity. Going to Thailand in August might not be the best idea. As far as the weather is concerned, we should head north. Like Amsterdam, for example.

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