Monday, July 21, 2014

Vacation to Somewhere part 9

We finally decided where to go. I’m very glad we did since we’re supposed to leave in 3 weeks. We’ve known about this trip for 4 months but only just figured out where we’re going. So instead of having 4 months to find a great hotel and hopefully get a good deal on plane tickets, we have 3 weeks.

Since we couldn’t find any common ground between all of our choices, Lily suggested we go somewhere else entirely. The idea was that if we picked a completely different place, no one would have to give up their first choice at the expense of someone else’s first choice.

Kevin immediately suggested Tokyo. His company always sends people there on business trips and he’s always wanted to go, but they never send him. A vacation is a lot better than a business trip since you can spend the day seeing and doing things rather than sitting in some meeting.

Ryan & I thought about Tokyo when we went to Bali, but we wanted something more private and relaxing. Since this is a trip with 4 people, it’s not going to be as private as the Bali trip, so we really don’t need a tropical island. A big city will work.

None of us have ever been to Tokyo, but Japan is one of those places that most of us want to see. We live very close, but none of us have ever bothered to go there. When I told Ryan that Lily, Kevin and I all thought Tokyo would be a good idea, he wasn’t very excited about it. When he goes on vacation, he wants to get as far from Chinese culture as he can. I tried to convince him that China and Japan are very different, but since I’ve never been to Japan I’m just assuming it’s nothing like China the way he’s assuming it’s just like China.

It took some convincing – and a promise that Ryan & Kevin would have some time to themselves while Lily & I go off and do things they’re not interested in. Eventually Ryan was on board with Tokyo.

Now we just have to plan everything.

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