Friday, August 8, 2014

Tokyo Trip part 5

We finally decided on a hotel. That’s good news since we’re leaving on Monday. I was a little worried that we’d still be arguing over hotels when our plane landed in Tokyo.

We went with Shibuya for a few reasons. The Shinjuku hotels are probably more luxurious, but we all decided that we’re probably not going to spend all that much time in the hotel anyway. Since none of us have ever been to Tokyo, we want to see Tokyo, not some hotel. In Shibuya, we found a place that’s more like an apartment than a hotel. It won’t have all the room service and housekeeping that you get in a hotel, but it seems like a very nice apartment. Hopefully it will give us a better experience – more like the way people live there instead of like tourists staying at a hotel.

Shibuya seems to have more for all of us. From what I can tell, Shinjuku is a business and party area, with a lot less in between. Shibuya seems to have a little bit of everything. We also had to consider our luggage. Lily & Kevin don’t know how to travel light. I’m not really sure why that is, but they always bring a lot more than they ever need on trips. The Shibuya apartment is close to the train station. The Shinjuku hotels require some extra walking time.

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