Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tokyo Trip part 6

We’re going to Tokyo tomorrow. The plane tickets are confirmed and the hotel/apartment is finally booked. We have some idea of what we want to see and where we want to go, but we’re also leaving plenty of room to improvise. The last thing I ever want to do on a trip is plan every little thing down to the last hour. I want to know how to get around, but where I go is often open to last minute choices. Luckily, I’m traveling with people who pretty much feel the same way. The four of us have never traveled together to a different country, so it should be interesting.

As if that’s not enough traveling, I’m going to Los Angeles next month. That trip is easier for me since I don’t really have to plan anything. My agent already booked the plane tickets. I’m not even sure which airline it is. I should probably look into that. I don’t know if he’s found a hotel yet. I’m going with 3 other girls I don’t know, so hopefully he’ll book at least 2 rooms. I should probably look into that as well. Right now I’m concentrating on Tokyo. I’ll deal with Los Angeles later.

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