Monday, September 8, 2014

Los Angeles Audition part 1

About a month ago, my agent got me an audition at MGM in Los Angeles. Even though I just got back from a big vacation in Tokyo, I’m taking more time off to go to California. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to go at first. If I get the part, that presents a serious problem. I live in Hong Kong, not Los Angeles. Taking a week or two off of work here and there is one thing, but to film in the United States, I’d probably have to take even more time off. Unless it’s a really small part. Then I have to wonder what’s the point in flying to the other side of the world for a one day walk-on part.

I decided to go because it seems like a bad idea to turn this down. It’s a pretty good opportunity. It could lead to bigger and better things. Even if it doesn’t, I’m getting a free trip to Los Angeles. That’s not too shabby.

My agent originally booked a flight for me and the 3 other girls I’m going with from Hong Kong to San Francisco to Los Angeles. I figured as long as we’re landing in San Francisco anyway, why not spend some extra time there. I don’t know the other 3 girls, but it didn’t take much to convince them. Two of them are Canadian, but they don’t need visas to go to Los Angeles. I don’t know if going to San Francisco first would have caused any problems, but if they get the part, they’re going to need work visas anyway.

Our agent already booked the hotel in Los Angeles, but then he had to find one in San Francisco after we changed his plans. He did it all a lot fast than I would have. If it were up to me, I’d probably still be looking at hotels. Hopefully, he didn’t just book the first hotel he saw. He says they’re both very nice hotels, so we’ll see.

Tomorrow I’m leaving for California. Today is the Moon Festival, so I didn’t have to miss it at all. That worked out conveniently. The holiday means nothing to me, but I like a good moon cake.

When I come back I’ll be an internationally famous movie star. Or not.

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