Sunday, September 21, 2014

Los Angeles Audition part 2

Going to Los Angeles was probably the most unusual trip ever. We supposedly went for an audition, but most of the time we looked around and took in the sights. We even went to Disneyland. Before Los Angeles, we stopped in San Francisco for a couple of days. That had absolutely nothing to do with the audition at all. This was more of a vacation with an audition thrown in.

What surprised me was how nice the hotels were. My agent booked us very good rooms in Santa Monica and San Francisco – and San Francisco was not even supposed to be part of the trip. We only added that later, and my agent still paid for it. I have to say, this guy really went above and beyond. When I become a big star and forget all the little people who helped me to the top, I hope someone in my entourage reminds me to send him a fruit basket or something.

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