Monday, January 5, 2015

Family Christmas

Ryan came to Hong Kong for Christmas and we spent the day with Lily & Kevin at the new apartment. We've had the new apartment for about 8 months now, so it's not really new, but I still think of it as the new apartment.

No one had to work that day – which is unusual since most of us are in the entertainment industry – so we had a traditional Christmas Day at home. We all opened presents, ate too much and spent the day together. The only real difference from this Christmas and what I like to think of as real Christmas is that it was almost 70 degrees outside and we didn't have a Christmas tree. You can buy fake trees in Hong Kong, but there are few things I loathe more than a fake Christmas tree. Where I grew up, we went out and chopped down our own trees for Christmas. They were all natural and you could smell them throughout the house. A fake tree is an insult to Christmas trees everywhere.

Other than that, it was a real Christmas since I got to spend the day with the closest thing I have to family in Hong Kong. All things considered, these are the people I'd rather spend the holidays with. (Or, these are the people with whom I would rather spend the holidays, if you are a book editor).

Ryan had to go back to China on the 26th, which wasn't exactly the end of the world since Lily & I had to go back to work. Christmas/New Year is the busiest time of year for all of us, so just having a day together is pretty good. It doesn't happen every year, so we're all grateful when it does.

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