Sunday, March 22, 2015

An American in Paris part 3

Packing for a month long trip is never easy. Lily says we should just buy clothes while we're there. That's not really something my bank account thinks I should consider. I'm sure Paris has plenty of great clothes, but most probably are not compatible with Hong Kong's climate. I'm sure clothes made by a professional French couturier cost a little more than clothes made by children in some Chinese sweatshop somewhere. That's a joke, of course. Most of the clothes here are made in Vietnamese sweatshops.

There's also the issue of language. I studied French in high school, but I'm pretty sure the people of Paris don't sound anything like the old worn out CDs we had in the language lab. If everyone talks with subtitles, I'll be ok, but if they talk as fast as they do in movies, I'm screwed.

Lily is from Canada, so she thinks she can speak French. But she's from Winnipeg, not Quebec. There are more Native Americans in Winnipeg than French. More people in Winnipeg speak an Asian language than French. I've been told by a few French people that Canadians are hard to understand when they speak French anyway. It's like when Americans go to England.

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