Thursday, March 12, 2015

One Day At a Time part 6

I'm going back to Fuzhou on Sunday. I think I'm getting used to these tiny overnight trips. I remember the first time I went to Fuzhou. It was my first trip to Mainland China. Everything about it was new and strange to me. The Fuzhou airport is nothing like Hong Kong Airport, and just walking the streets of Fuzhou feels like you're in a different country. The signs are all in the same language, but the atmosphere is different.

Now it's almost routine. Going to China is like hopping a flight from Minneapolis to Chicago. Almost. I've been to several other Chinese cities, but now I've been to Fuzhou more than the rest of them combined. It's still a strange little city, but it's familiar. If I ever go back to Shanghai, I'll probably get that feeling that I'm in some new exotic place. But Fuzhou will never feel exotic again.


  1. I just finished "Living with Livia". I really enjoyed it and I think, I learned some things about being a more thoughtful partner in my own relationship. Thank you for sharing your life's story. You have been through a lot for someone so young. Please keep writing.


  2. That's very kind of you to say. I'm not sure I've lived enough to really have much to say, but I like to say it anyway. Just the idea that anything I've ever said or done can help someone else's relationship blows me away. I doubt I've earned such a compliment, but I'll take it anyway.

    Thanks for reading.


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