Sunday, May 17, 2015

Paris Diary part 7

Day 9
20°, some clouds.

After work and a brief trip to one of the beaches on Cap d'Antibes, we had a simple lunch that was far less elaborate than our dinner the night before.

After lunch, what was supposed to be a quick dip in the swimming pool turned into a bit of drama. Another woman in the pool accidentally pushed me under water and then panicked, keeping both of us under longer than I would have liked. No one drowned, but I lost my breath and the other woman did a lot of crying. Lily and some guy pulled me out of the pool while some other people pulled out the woman who dragged me down.

When everyone was out of the water and breathing, I made a bad joke about Lily getting her hair wet, and the woman who caused all the commotion just kept on crying. I thought it was interesting how differently we reacted to the same situation, but to be fair, she was already panicking before anything even went wrong. So obviously there were some swimming issues there to begin with. I think I was pulled out of the water before I really had a chance to panic.

After that, Lily & I took the train back to Paris. Our roommate stayed because there was more work to do. Lily & I were originally going to stay for most of the day, but after the pool incident, a few people agreed that it would be better for everyone if we left. I didn't mind going back to our apartment. A later train would have only meant getting in late at night anyway.


  1. Sounds like a nice trip, but... any possible way you can let us readers know what exact kind of work you guys were hired to do? Fancy castle like setting, lounging in hot tubs and pools... it's like some Bond movie... or a Fancy Feast cat food commercial or something~~~

  2. I don't remember any cat food, but there were a few cats. I'm not sure why.

    A Bond movie would require far more locations. It would have been a day or two in Paris and then off to Mongolia or Argentina. Not to mention all the getting captured and escaping from elaborate death traps.

  3. Oh, I thought Mongolia, Argentina, and some death traps were coming up in your next post. That, and a fist fight while clinging to the outside of a space satellite in mid-orbit. I guess I will just wait and see what happens next...


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