Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Wherein I'll Catch the Conscience of the King

I'm doing something a little different this summer. I'll be playing Celia in a limited run of As You Like It. The rehearsals will be in Hong Kong, but the theater itself is in Macau. That's not much of an issue since it's so easy to get from one to the other.

The biggest issue for me is that I haven't read this play in about a hundred years. I don't really remember much about it, except that it's a comedy – which means it has a happy ending – and it's one of those plays where everyone takes on a thin disguise or alter ego. It also has Rosalind, one of Shakespeare's better female characters. But I'm not playing her.

I didn't bother to read the play when I got the part because I need to concentrate on the adaptation we're doing. When it comes to Shakespeare, different productions can be practically different plays. Reading the original might only confuse things when I read what we're doing. After I have my part down, I'll probably look at the standard version and compare the differences.

For now, I need to memorize a few lines – which is pretty easy to do with Bill. He wrote some memorable stuff. Also, Celia's only in a handful of scenes.

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