Sunday, September 20, 2015

Taipei 101

A group of us went to the top of Taipei 101 on Saturday. We didn't have all day, but we had some time and it was right next to us.

It was a little more expensive than it should have been – about US$25 – but there were surprisingly few people in line and the elevator reached the 89th floor quickly. It's supposed to be the fastest elevator in the world, but I never bothered to time it.

The indoor observation deck on the 89th floor has views of Taipei from every direction. Despite how green the windows look from the outside, everything looked blue from the inside.

You can take stairs to the outdoor observation deck on the 91st floor. The building has 101 floors, but everything above 91 is off limits to the general public. Unfortunately, there was a super typhoon in August that caused some damage. Most of the outdoor deck was closed. Maybe this is why there were so few people there. But no one warned us before we bought our tickets.

I like outdoor observation decks a lot more than indoor. For one thing, you can see real colors rather than window colors. For another, you can take pictures without any reflections or finger smudges. It also feels a lot more natural. Some of Taipei 101's outdoor deck was open, but only facing one direction. I don't know the city well enough to know what I missed, but I know I missed most of it.

Taipei 101

The shopping/government area near the hotel.
The building with the helicopter pad is City Hall.

The view from the indoor observation deck.

The closed off outdoor observation deck.

View from Taipei 101, corrected for window reflection.

In attempting to show the people in the window's reflection, I made everything green. Somehow.

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