Thursday, December 10, 2015

Adventures in Publishing

All of the e-book versions of all of my books are on sale at a discount price at Amazon. This does not mean I've been reduced to the discount bin. Yet. This is a holiday sale that I knew about beforehand. It will end sometime after the new year and then everything goes back to the regular high book prices. Personally, I think all e-books should always be 99 cents, but then no one would make any money, except whichever site you pay the 99 cents.

The paperbacks are always on sale. That has nothing to do with holiday specials. Every website that sells them always seems to be trying to match someone else's price. So the price at any one site can change at any time. I also think paperbacks are too expensive, but they have to be printed – unlike e-books – so 99 cents is definitely not an option.

The big holiday sale at Amazon is only at Amazon. Other sites do pretty much whatever they want when it comes to pricing. For example, a site called Booktopia sells Bali Diary for $19.50, which is just insanely high. Tower Records sells Nudist Cruise for $11.95. I didn't even know they were selling my books. I didn't even know they still existed outside of Japan. I didn't see any of my books at the Tower in Shibuya, but then again, I never checked. I only look at the CDs when I go there.

The bottom line is, if you want to buy my books – and that's something you should really want to do – now is the time. Christmas is always a great time to spend money you don't have. Why not spend it on my exciting literary adventures?

Or you can wait until the prices go back up again. It's your choice. As long as you buy them. That's the important thing.

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