Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dating in Hong Kong

On New Year's Eve, I met a man who asked me out on a date. Since I recently decided that I might as well dive back into the dating pool, and since this guy was reasonably cute, I said yes. I only had one condition. I wanted to wait until I was completely free of the bird flu. I don't think that's unreasonable. It's not the most contagious flu in the world, but it's better to play it safe.

That was two weeks ago. I still have a residual cough, but I feel a million times better than I did last month. I can go to work and jack myself up on enough medication to pretend it's completely gone. Nighttime is worse than daytime, but that's what the drugs are for. Lately, I mostly cough when I go to sleep.

So I called the man in question and told him I was feeling much better. He said he wasn't interested anymore. Apparently, I made him wait too long. Two weeks is too long to wait for a date.

There aren't a lot of good things about the bird flu. But one good thing is that it showed me what kind of person this guy was before I wasted any time. Without the bird flu, we probably would have gone out right away and it would have taken longer to see. Or he would have shown it right away. Who knows. Either way, someone who can't wait for me to get over the bird flu isn't the man for me.


  1. Interesting you call this blog 'Dating in Hong Kong'... as I used to write a lot of blogs called 'Dating in China.'

    It can be very difficult around here. Everyone's lives seem transient, nobody seems serious. Is two weeks really too long?!

    Well, hope you feel better by now

  2. I feel much better now, thanks.

    I'm probably the last person to know, but I think dating is probably harder everywhere because of smart phones and Facebook.


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