Monday, January 25, 2016

Lily's Dad

Lily's dad had a heart attack today. He's stable and the doctors say he's going to be ok, which is great news. Unfortunately, this isn't his first time. He had a heart attack 3 years ago, so that puts him at higher risk for everything else. Lily says he's at the best hospital in Manitoba, but I'm not sure how she knows that. I'm not going to ask her. She has enough on her plate right now.

I've never met her dad, but I almost feel like I know him since Lily talks about him so much. Anyone can tell they have a great relationship. I think the hardest part about living away from home for her is being away from her father. Things like this definitely don't make it easier. She's told me several times that he needs to start eating healthier food. Maybe now he finally will.

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