Monday, April 11, 2016

Attack of the 12mm Vampires

Mosquito season is roughly between March and December around here. We don't have zika, or anything worth worrying about, but those little creatures are still annoying.

I've been in this apartment for two years and never had any problems with mosquitoes. Until now. I don't even remember seeing any in the apartment last year. This year, they've invaded. I don't know what changed. The weather is the same as always. The windows and doors are well insulated. This is a newer building, so it doesn't have those old style sliding windows with huge gaps that any insect could get through. I'd be surprised if they're coming through the windows.

What mosquitoes like more than anything else are puddles of standing water and people – or animals – with warm blood. The little puddles that form out on the balcony when it rains dry up pretty quickly in the sun, so I don't know of any place around here for them to lay their eggs. And, supposedly, white people have slightly lower body temperatures than Chinese people. That's probably not the least bit true, but I've heard a lot of Chinese people say it is.

Oddly enough, Japanese people are supposed to have lower body temperatures than white people. That's probably also untrue, but someone should do some research. Let loose some mosquitoes in a room full of Chinese, Japanese and Europeans and see what happens.

So we have an apartment full of white people with colder blood than our neighbors and everything is dry outdoors. There's no real reason for mosquitoes to come in here, especially if they've been ignoring us the last two years. But they're here. And they're driving me crazy.

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  1. Argh, I really hate mosquitoes this time of year! Suddenly, just because it's been a bit rainy, they've come out all over the place. I have to buy more repellent. The worst is waking up in the middle of the night itchy. Worst. Creature. Ever.

    Ha, that body temperature thing on races is definitely not true. Haven't heard it but seems like a very unverified urban legend.


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