Thursday, April 14, 2016

Mint Condition

I have a small pot of mint on the window. I got it for a few reasons.

I love mint. It's a great herb that can be used a million different ways. You can put it in cookies, brownies or anything chocolate, really. You can add it to potatoes, tomatoes, rice and noodles. It's great in soups and stews. It tastes good, smells good and looks good sitting on the window sill.

Someone gave it to me. Fresh mint is difficult to find around here, but I know a few people. One of my friends gave me a tiny pot with a sad little sprig of mint poking out. I assumed it would die right away, but I gave it water and light and waited to see what happened.

When it grew, I cut off a few stems and put them in water. I'm no gardener, but cuttings are the easiest thing in the world. When the roots filled the small jars, I put them in a larger pot and that's what I have now. I could easily do more cuttings and build up more pots, but I think one is enough. I don't want to spend all day taking care of plants.

Mint scares away mosquitoes. Supposedly. Everything I've ever read and everyone I've ever talked to agrees that mint is a natural mosquito repellent. But something about these mosquitoes or my mint isn't working. Maybe they don't know they're supposed to be natural enemies. Maybe it's not the right kind of mint. But it smells and tastes like mint.

It's raining now, so the mosquitoes are hiding wherever they hide when it rains, but I have no confidence in my mint keeping them at bay once the sun comes out. Maybe I need more mint.

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