Saturday, July 30, 2016

Unconventional 2016

I watched a tiny patch of the Republican convention and even less of the Democratic convention. I don't see why these conventions have to spread out over a few days. They used to pick their candidates at the convention, but now we all know who it's going to be long before anyone breaks out the balloons and straw hats. Today's conventions are little more than pep rallies to stroke egos. This may be an unusual election, but I care about it less than usual.

Republicans will say I should care because if Clinton is elected, the country will fall apart, the terrorists will take over and the ground will open up and swallow the United States in a biblical rage.

Democrats will say I should care because if Trump is elected, he'll declare himself dictator, outlaw every religion and race and turn the country into a police state.

I doubt either will happen. Clinton would most likely be a standard Democratic president. The economy will improve slightly while Republicans fight her every step of the way, calling her the worst president in the history of the world. In the end, she won't be the best or the worst. Unless some extraordinary event challenges her and she either rises or falls. Lincoln wouldn't be considered great without the Civil War, just as Hoover wouldn't be a failure without the Great Depression. Neither president caused those events, but how they reacted determined how history remembers them.

I don't know what kind of president Trump would be, but that's only because he's not really a Republican and the only time he tells us what he would do, it's something unconstitutional or well beyond the president's authority. The Great Wall of Mexico and deporting Muslims isn't going to happen. I think he will most likely surround himself with the most famous people who want to work with him and be more of a hands off president. He'll give a lot of colorful speeches and post on Twitter, but most policy will be determined by small groups of corporate executives.

This two-year election will be over in a few months and CNN can get back to endless stories about Syria. One of the greatest things about living outside of the United States is that I don't have to see any campaign commercials, but CNN has been reporting every single thing that comes out of Trump's mouth for the last year and a half. No matter what happens on election night, at least that will stop.

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