Thursday, October 13, 2016

Dancing Across Asia

I'm going to Tel Aviv on Saturday. As much as I'd love to stay as long as I can, this will be a short trip. I'm going for a rehearsal and then I have to come back. I always try to sneak in as much time for myself whenever I travel anywhere, but when you juggle different jobs, you can't always look around.

My next trip will be next month. I'll be in Tel Aviv during the election. That should be interesting. It won't be the first time I've watched a presidential election from another country, but it will be the first time from Israel. I'm looking forward to their take on everything. Hong Kong didn't seem to care whether Obama or Romney won. Israel might have an opinion on Clinton versus Trump.


  1. who do you think will be the next president ?? BTW I am back reading to you blog after a long time and came to know that you are done with Ryan, guess I missed the opportunity by a whisker ;)

  2. Welcome back.

    I always thought Trump was going to win, but that looks less likely every day.

  3. never thought you were a trump supporter.

    1. you said hes going to win.

    2. Not exactly. But if I predict it's going to rain tomorrow, that doesn't mean I want it to rain.

  4. I see how you ignored that missed opportunity by a whisker comment


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