Thursday, November 10, 2016

2 For 1 Sale

Election 2016

Our long national nightmare is finally over. The “experts” on TV will analyze what happened for a while, but the 2 year campaign is dead and buried.

I'm not a big fan of changing the Constitution. I think it should be left well enough alone, unless it's something like abolishing slavery or letting women vote. But I would wholeheartedly support a constitutional amendment limiting presidential campaigns to less than 6 months. People could announce their candidacy after 4th of July, the primaries could be in August, conventions in September and election day in November.

This would make it much harder for the 2 corporate parties to spend a billion dollars getting their boys elected. They would still spend entirely too much money, but it might give other parties a chance to compete. Americans are supposed to like competition, but our political system guarantees that only 2 teams get to play. Imagine the NFL with only 2 teams. How exciting would that be?

The most obvious benefit, of course, would be far fewer campaign commercials in far less time. I don't know anyone who loves watching campaign bullspin for 2 straight years. Making it shorter would probably burn out fewer people and increase voter turnout.

This is one reason it would never happen. The Republican and Democratic parties count on low voter turnout. If 100% of eligible voters actually showed up, other parties would win a few elections. The people in charge won't let that happen. The question is, why do we?

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