Sunday, January 8, 2017

Christmas in China

Christmas in China is nothing new to me. I've been here a while. I think I'd be more amazed by an American Christmas at this point. What's completely new to me is how they do things in South Africa. As a former British colony, they do a lot of things the British way, including Boxing Day.

I can recognize most of their traditions. But just like Australia, Christmas is during the summer. That would be the hardest adjustment for me. Hong Kong Christmas is nothing like Christmas, but at least it's in winter. It's not a real winter, but it's slightly less humid than the rest of the year. Christmas in summer would feel strange to me.

And yes, I know that some of my country's states were also British colonies a very long time ago, but we don't follow British traditions nearly as much as places like Australia and South Africa. I never ate Yorkshire pudding until I moved to Hong Kong, and my people would never pay taxes to support a royal family. If we had to do that, there would be a revolution. In fact, there was.

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