Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hailey's Novel Diary – 7/11/17

The new character that I've just introduced is from Alaska. I wanted her to be from somewhere very far away from Los Angeles, but still have a down home Americana feel.

I don't know anything about Alaska. I've seen pictures. It looks very nice. But I probably picture it as the frozen wasteland that most Americans picture of Minnesota. Since I know beyond any doubt that Minnesota is nothing like Antarctica, I have to leave open the possibility that Alaska doesn't match its stereotype either.

Rather than bog myself down in research on Alaska and its community culture, I'm just going to think of this character as being from Iowa. I suppose I could make her from Iowa, but Alaska is more mysterious. To me, at least.

Choosing her hometown was not entirely scientific. I looked at a map of Alaska and picked a coastal town in the middle of nowhere. I wanted her to be from the coast rather than inland to contrast with the Southern California beaches. Alaska has an enormous coastline, so there must be all kinds of beaches. But I'm assuming they're not quite like Venice.

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