Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Hailey's Novel Diary – 7/5/17

What are some common street names for cocaine? It turns out, I have no idea. I know what they say in movies, but how accurate is that? I suppose it depends on the movie, the time period and location. Most screenwriters are or were cokeheads, so they should know what it's called.

There are websites for parents that tell them all the latest lingo, but I have to question their accuracy as well. Do today's teenagers really call crack “biscuits” and using methamphetamines “going fast”? It's seems like that would only get confusing.

Driver's Ed Instructor
We're about to merge onto the freeway now. I need you to go fast.

Ok, I've got some biscuits in my backpack.

Special note to the NSA: I'm only looking up drug slang on Google for research. Scout's honor.

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