Sunday, July 9, 2017

Hailey's Novel Diary – 7/9/17

I don't like reality TV shows. I never have. For one thing, they're not very realistic. In the first episode of one of the very first reality TV shows, MTV's The Real World, one of the characters points out that the way they were living in that house had nothing to do with the real world.

Today's reality shows are either game shows – America's Next Top Garbage Collector, American Prep Cook, American Accountant Wars or shows that follow curiosities around – Here Comes Child Services, Newark Shore, Keeping Up with Chlamydia.

It's not that scripted shows are always better. There have been some pretty terrible shows over the years. Remember Manimal or Holmes & Yoyo? Those were not Saturday Night Live sketches. They actually existed. But the entire point of a TV show is to entertain. Is anyone really entertained by watching actors pretend to buy abandoned storage units or people who aren't actors acting like they're buying a house?

In this story, there's a reality TV show that takes someone from one religion and has them live with a family of a different religion. The fake reality show is called Turning the Other Cheek. A conservative Mormon goes to live with a liberal Jewish family, a Muslim lives with a Catholic family. That sort of thing. It sounds like such an absurd idea that I looked around to make sure it didn't already exist. I'm sure it will sooner or later, but for now, I can't find anything like it.

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