Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boston Bombing

What’s wrong with people? Why would anyone want to blow up the Boston Marathon? I can understand terrorists blowing up each other in areas controlled by terrorists – it’s still stupid, but maybe they’ll gain control if they kill enough of their enemies. It doesn’t make any sense to attack places like Boston. If you’re a terrorist, you’re never going to control Boston. There’s no way in hell you’re ever going to take over the United States. Maybe you can take over parts of Pakistan – if you’re lucky. You’re never going to make a dent in America.

Attacking the World Trade Center made sense. It was a cowardly act by a bunch of assholes, but attacking the financial center of the world will get you lots of attention. How many Americans knew anything about al Qaeda before 9/11? Attacking a marathon isn’t going to bring a world power to its knees. It’s not even a great way to kill a lot of people. It’s just stupid.

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  1. As a Marathon runner myself, I'm shocked and bewildered too.

    But I think it's because of the tough security of other events and public places that they chose this really soft target.

    They thought they would kill lots of people, with ballbearings, nails etc., packed as part of the device. Fortunately the bomb was placed on the ground and not on a suicide vest, that would've been very deadly.

    That 8-year-old never done anything to nobody.


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