Monday, September 9, 2013

Dancing in the Rain part 3

After what seemed like hours lying broken and naked on the floor in the rain – but was more likely less than one – I scooted myself over to my cell phone and called Kevin. He works closer to the big house than anyone I know and it’s easy for him to leave work early – especially since his boss was out of town. It was his house I needed someone to rescue me in.

First I had to get to my phone. It was on a deck table, protected by a big sun umbrella. You’re supposed to close the umbrellas at night and when it rains, but I’m glad we forgot to do it. Otherwise, I would have kept my phone inside the house and I would have had to drag myself kicking & screaming inside.

When I got to my phone I told Kevin what happened. He thought I was joking at first. I convinced him with the tone of my voice that I was serious. I might have even scared him a little, but you do what you have to do in these situations.

He got to the house pretty quickly and found me sitting up against the deck table. I tried to get myself up off the ground and actually sit at the table, but I was too exhausted by then. Lying broken on the floor naked in the rain takes a lot out of you.

He picked me up and quickly carried me into the house. He had a towel wrapped around me before I knew it. We briefly talked about calling an ambulance, but then decided it would be faster to take a taxi. It wasn’t really an emergency and I wouldn’t want someone to die because an ambulance was busy with me.

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