Friday, September 13, 2013

Dancing in the Rain part 4

While Kevin & I were waiting in the big house for the taxi to take me to the hospital, Kevin went into my room and got me some clothes. I wasn’t in any position to complain, but he really didn’t put any thought into it. He came back with jeans and a button down blouse. He didn’t bring any underwear, but he brought me socks. If I could put on socks we wouldn’t have been in this situation. I was having a hard time pulling jeans on over my throbbing ankle, so Kevin went back into my room and brought out a skirt – still no underwear, though.

When the taxi showed up, Kevin carried me outside while I tried to keep us dry under an umbrella. Try is the key word here. We both got pretty wet anyway – especially while he was trying to put me in the taxi. The taxi driver even got out in the rain to help, but there are only so many ways you can carry someone into a small car. He got wet for nothing – although I do appreciate the effort. We gave him a nice tip when we got to the hospital. Since you don’t tip taxi drivers in Hong Kong, he was very grateful.

Under the circumstances it doesn’t really matter, but since I was going commando, I think the taxi driver might have got even more of a tip than I intended. He was enough of a gentleman not to let on if he got a free show.

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  1. Wow sounds intense. Glad Kevin was there to help you out - sounds like you gave him quite a show as the reward! Did he see everything? :O


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