Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween 2015

We had our big Halloween party on Sunday instead of Saturday because too many people had to work Saturday. Saturday night might be a better time for a Halloween party, especially since most people don't go to work on Sunday morning and Halloween was actually on Saturday, but it's because most people don't work on Sunday that we did it on Sunday.

We had a lot of people in costume this year. Sometimes as many as half the people show up in their regular clothes. Dressing up for Halloween is not exactly a Chinese tradition, so a lot of our guests didn't grow up with it the way we did. But you can always count on the foreigners to go nuts.

You can also tell which movies are popular by what people wear for Halloween. When all those Pirates of the Caribbean and Harry Potter movies came out, most of the costumes were pirates and wizards. This year, it was all comic book superheroes and Star Wars. The Star Wars movie hasn't even come out yet, but all the nerds are a flutter. There were also a few zombies. There are always zombies.

Lily, Kevin and I were Colonel Sanders, Ronald McDonald and Wendy. Everyone got Kevin's Ronald costume right away. Put on a yellow and red jumpsuit and most people automatically think of that clown.

Lily's Colonel confused a few people, even though KFC is the single most popular fast food place in China. Someone thought she was 1970s Steve Martin with a beard. I thought that was funny. A few people pointed out that she didn't have a red apron, since that's the new logo. When I think of Colonel Sanders, a red apron never even crosses my mind.

Almost no one got my Wendy. Everyone thought I was Dorothy Gale. They do pretty much look the same. But if I'm standing next to Colonel Sanders and Ronald McDonald – instead of the Scarecrow and Tin Man – it should be obvious.

Maybe next year I'll wear the same thing and they can get a couple of Oz costumes.

Something I miss from real Halloween is all the children knocking on the door begging for candy. No one does that here. We had plenty of candy, but no children at this party. That's probably for the best since one Canadian dressed as Jared Fogle.

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