Saturday, February 27, 2016

Winter in Winnipeg part 2

I went with Lily to the funeral home yesterday. They had to deal with all of the last minute issues for the burial and memorial service. They already picked a casket, decided on when and where to have the memorial service, open casket or closed. It's amazing how many decisions you have to make when someone dies. Fortunately, her father already had a place to be buried. I wasn't there to add my 2 cents to anything. I was purely there to be on Lily's side no matter what.

The burial is later this afternoon. After the burial, they're having a memorial service. Lily wants me to go to both, so I'm going. She's a lot closer to her family than I am to mine, but she was the closest with her father. She has old friends in Winnipeg, but they all gradually faded out of touch the way people do when you move to the other side of the world. I can understand that completely. I used to have friends in Minnesota who would take a bullet for me. Now, we sometimes forget to send e-mail on birthdays. Lily and I are basically sisters. Not going with her was never an option.

I also got a chance to look around the hotel. It's not the most exciting neighborhood in the world, but there's a Tim Hortons around the corner. It's not Krispy Kreme, but it's better than anything we have in Hong Kong. There are a lot of strip malls nearby and at least one indoor shopping mall, but I'm not here to do any shopping. That's something we have more than enough of in Hong Kong.

It's after 3 o'clock in the morning right now. I woke up an hour ago. I'm still adjusting to the time difference. It's almost dinner time in Hong Kong, so my body wants to be awake. As soon as I shift to Winnipeg time, it will probably be time to go home.


  1. Wow, you actually went over there. That's great of you to do this. That's interesting what you said about friends drifting away after you have been living overseas for a while. When I lived overseas, I experienced a little bit of that. But, almost all of my really good friends, still stayed really good friends even during the number of years I was away. But, then again, I have always only had a small number of really good friends to begin with, so I guess I am not really counting any pretty OK / so-so friends. Of the pretty OK / so-so friends, yes, several did in fact slowly stop contacting me and staying in touch while I was away. But, I am rambling here... It's great that you have gone out of your way to be there for your friend.

  2. I think now, with cell phones and everything online, it's probably easier to keep friendships when you move away. When I left, I was barely online. All of my friends were people I saw and spoke with offline. We never see each other now, obviously. Now, everything's online.


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