Monday, February 29, 2016

Winter in Winnipeg part 3

Yesterday was the burial. They're not a religious family, so there was no traditional funeral. The memorial service was at the funeral home after the burial. It was nice, as far as that sort of thing goes. Lily's father is genuinely missed. I think that's the most you can ask for when you're gone. If people mourn you, you did something right. Funerals are always sad, but if no one shows up, that must be heartbreaking to the surviving spouse. It felt like the whole town showed up for this guy.

It's been getting colder since I've been here, but there wasn't any snow until later last night, and barely any of it. It was dark and gloomy during the burial, but that's appropriate. It's snowing now, but it was pretty mild yesterday.

After the memorial service, some of us went to Lily's parents' house. I'd never been, so I was curious to see where Lily grew up. Her childhood neighborhood could have been mine. It was the same suburban middle class block a world away but pretty close to the hustle and bustle downtown. The houses are smaller and a lot closer together. We had more trees everywhere. Their houses are right on top of each other, so there is less room for trees. But the streets look exactly the same. Our street signs were small and green while theirs are large and white – and in French and English – but if you saw a picture of my street and a picture of hers, you'd never know they were different countries.

Lily's spending the night in my hotel tonight. She's been at her parents' house for a month and needs a break. She stayed with her mother after the funeral, but now she needs to do whatever she wants to do. My job is to be with her wherever she needs to be. Plus, the hotel has an indoor heated swimming pool. That's never a bad thing.

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