Friday, February 26, 2016

Winter in Winnipeg

I'm in Winnipeg. It's about -6°C/21°F right now. It's definitely still winter here. I like it. It reminds me of winter in Minnesota. People complain about the cold and snow, but when you've been away from it for a few years, it's a nice thing to get back into.

I'm staying at a hotel near the airport. I usually avoid airport hotels, but my flight landed after midnight and the flight out leaves at 6:30AM. This hotel has a quick and free airport shuttle, which is convenient for a lot of reasons. After a 15 hour flight to Toronto, dinner at the airport, a delayed connecting flight and another 3 hours to Winnipeg, trying to find the hotel wasn't on the agenda. If I stayed at a hotel in a more interesting neighborhood, I'd have to rely on Lily to pick me up and drop me off. She'd do it without complaint, but I think she has enough to do without worrying about me.

Thanks to all those time zones, the 15 hour flight only took 2 hours. But it sure felt like 15 hours. Thanks to the International Date Line, the 13 hour flight home will take 29 hours. Fortunately, it will only feel like 13 hours.

It's actually a pretty nice hotel. The rooms are basic business hotel, but there's a small swimming pool and hot tub – indoors, of course – and a decent little fitness center. I doubt I'm going to be doing much exercise outdoors, so that gym might come in handy. I haven't tried the free hotel breakfast yet, but I'm not expecting much. It's an airport hotel, after all.

I don't know what's outdoors around here. I haven't been out since I came in from the airport last night. I didn't see much in the pitch black.

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