Monday, March 7, 2016

Wild Honey Pie

I'll be playing Honey in a Central production of Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. It's not the best part, but the only other option is Martha, and that's the lead. I played Martha in a student production a lifetime ago, so I don't have to study as much as I would have to otherwise. Every production is different, and a different cast makes a different experience, but doing a play you've already done is always easier than taking on something new. This will be a very different experience from Pygmalion. Hopefully, in a lot of ways.

I kind of like Honey better anyway. Martha has a bigger part, but she's an annoying character to play. I love watching actors like Elizabeth Taylor in that role, but I'd rather play the character who doesn't get the jokes. Playing someone in denial is more interesting to me than playing someone who lets it all hang out. You know who Martha is right away. There's a little mystery in Honey.


  1. So, is your friend Lily going to come back to HK? If so, will Disney let her continue working?

  2. She's back, but she doesn't have a job right now.


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