Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Winter in Winnipeg part 5

I voted today. That's not so interesting, except that this was definitely the first time I voted in Canada while living in China. As an absentee voter, I could have sent in my ballot earlier, but I waited on purpose. I wanted to see what happened in this circus election.

I'm not going to say who I voted for. As soon as you talk about politics, people go crazy. I can't say if this is the most divisive time in American history. Since there's no current civil war, it's probably not. But with the internet and a million talking heads on TV, there's an awful lot of rhetoric and hyperbole getting thrown around. People get very hateful when they talk politics online.

One of the great things about Minnesota is that we don't have to register for any particular party. We can vote for anyone we want in the primaries just like the general election. In some states, you have to register as a member of a party and you can only vote for someone in that party during the primaries. I like having choices. Isn't that democracy?

I wouldn't want to be a Democrat or a Republican. Both parties are owned by giant corporations and just as corrupt as the other. But a lot of the more fanatically loyal members of each party think anyone who disagrees with their choice is either crazy or ignorant. I think that's just stupid. If you honestly believe that you're smarter than everyone who disagrees with you, you're probably not that bright. Those of us who aren't forced to be a member of any party in order to vote can be open minded. That doesn't make us any smarter. Plenty of elections have shown that Americans are not the smartest people in the world. But at least we don't have to toe any party lines and parrot all the talking points.

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