Monday, September 19, 2016

Moon Festival 2016

The weather was pretty good over the weekend. Typhoon Meranti was a big one, but it didn't hit any land directly until it slammed into Xiamen. By then, it was weaker and didn't cause nearly as much damage as it could have. Typhoon Malakas didn't come anywhere close to Hong Kong. It curved around Taiwan and headed toward Japan.

Some people in Taiwan had a pretty wet Moon Festival, but skies were clear enough around here to watch all the lanterns set off over the ocean. I've watched countless lanterns float away from Clear Water Bay and Victoria Harbour over the years, but I'm still not used to it. There is no comparable experience where I come from.

The most important part about the Moon Festival, of course, is having a party. It's a big day for family barbecues, but for those of us without family in town, it's a day for friends. We had a party at the big house with friends, friends of friends and people I've never seen before in my life.

One of those people asked me out on a date. I already had a second date with Harry lined up, so I told this new guy to give me his number and I'd get back to him. I'm sure he thought I was brushing him off, but I'm not at all comfortable going out with one guy while I'm more or less going out with another.

I haven't seen Harry since our first date back in July, but we've talked on the phone a few times. Neither of us is opposed to a second date, but we both seem too busy to really have any kind of dating life. I've only had 3 dates in the last 4 months, or last 16 months if you want to get technical. They were all first dates, so they were more like job interviews than spending time with anyone. My second date with Harry will be later this week, if we can both keep our schedules.

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