Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hailey's Novel Diary – 4/11/17

I've finished the first chapter. It's worth noting that this is a first draft and “finished” is a relative term.

My current plan is to move on to the second chapter, but I could always go back and work on the first. More often than not, I'll go over a chapter after it's finished and rewrite whatever needs rewriting. That's also when I catch most of the typos, even though it's not anywhere close to the editing stage. By the time I start editing, I've read each chapter so many times, there really shouldn't be any typos. But you always have to keep an eye out for those little devils.

This time, I'm thinking about moving on after each chapter and just pushing forward. Sooner or later, I'll go back and read over everything. At that point, something will change. I guarantee it. I'll either make a few tweaks, edit it heavily or rewrite it entirely. I might even cut it out completely. It's too soon to say.

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