Monday, May 8, 2017

Hailey's Novel Diary – 5/8/17

Now that I'm back home and back into my daily routine, I'm back to work on what may or may not become my next book.

I wrote one paragraph today. It's currently 103 words, but that could easily change. I never check the word count of specific paragraphs, but I was curious this time. 103 words is nothing for a full day's work. This blog post alone will be more than 103 words. And it will only take a few minutes to type.

You just never know how productive any given day will be. Sometimes it seems like I just can't stop typing. Sometimes I only stop because I have to do other things. On a previous book, I wrote an entire chapter in one day. Unless you count any editing that came later. That's when I think I'm going to finish in no time.

Sometimes, it goes a little slower. It's possible to get in a single sentence. That's when I think it's going to take years to finish. I'm on chapter 3, so this one could take a few months or a few years. I can't tell when it's going to be finished until I'm on the last edit, which is mostly just reading it all the way through.

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