Monday, June 26, 2017

Hailey's Novel Diary – 6/26/17

A bouchon is a type of French restaurant that specializes in heavy, fatty foods. Even by French standards. It's more about ambiance than fine dining, like a tavern. You go for the crowd, not the cuisine.

There's a restaurant in Santa Barbara called Bouchon. I think it's more of a trendy place that serves all the right wines rather than a traditional bouchon. They advertise a lot of local ingredients, so I'm not sure how French it is.

There's a restaurant in Los Angeles called Bouchon. It's definitely for the hip people who want to be seen. Their cobb salad doesn't seem very French to me.

The funny thing is, a genuine bouchon would never be popular in California. You don't go to a bouchon if you're on a diet or big on tofu. You're not going to find any bean sprout and walnut pizza at a bouchon.

Looking around Santa Barbara, virtually, I came across the Cheshire Cat Inn, a Victorian B&B on a quiet little street close to the main road that runs through downtown. I mainly chose it because it's an easy walk to Bouchon. The restaurant will be important later on. There are plenty of hotels in the neighborhood, but this one looks nice and has different styles and sizes of rooms.

I've never been to this hotel, or even to Santa Barbara, so I can't recommend it, but the more I look into it, the more I want to actually go there. Their website is a little annoying. It's probably designed more for phones than computers. But it looks like a nice place to spend a quiet weekend.

Looking at restaurants in Santa Barbara, I found a little taco stand on Haley Street. I don't know anything about it, but it's on Haley Street. How can I ignore that?

Cheshire Cat Inn
Santa Barbara, California

See if you can spot the French versus California versions.

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