Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hailey's Novel Diary – 6/28/17

Does any man in this day and age refer to breasts as “jugs”? I don't know, but the character in question is a jerk, so I'm keeping it. That sounds like something a jerk would say. Jugs, hooters, bazooms.

Obviously, breast is the real word, so a lot of people don't use it. We humans are embarrassed by our own bodies. How many people can't say breast, vagina or penis? We teach our children weird slang words like boobie, hoohoo, peepee, winkie. Humans are strange.

Chapter 12 starts out with a scene that's a callback to chapter 10. They might be too close together. I might want to space them out more, but for now, they are where they are.

In standup comedy, a good callback usually comes at the end of the routine. But they can certainly come in the middle, or anywhere else.

Eddie Murphy's Raw was on HBO the other night. That was unusual in itself. HBO Asia doesn't usually show any of HBO's standup programming. That's a lot harder to translate and most of the jokes wouldn't make much sense to a Chinese audience. Comedians like Jerry Seinfeld are completely lost in translation. Eddie Murphy actually mentions people who don't speak English and how they react to his shows.

But Eddie had a lot of callbacks only a few minutes after the setup. And the show ends on a really strange note, at least by today's standards. Maybe it made more sense at the time.

It's also surprisingly sexist, but probably didn't seem that way at the time. Eddie certainly doesn't seem nearly as hateful as today's internet misogynists.

The funniest thing about Raw today is the opening scene. In it is an unknown Samuel Jackson. He's even in a movie that's 90% standup comedy. He really is in everything.

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