Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Emperor Audition part 3

Remember that audition I had weeks ago? I got the part! Yay. I thought I wasn’t going to get it since they took so long to tell me. I guess better late than never, especially if it’s good news!

I’m pretty excited. I’ve been on a few auditions in Hong Kong and I was starting to think something was wrong. They always seemed interested and then nothing. Like maybe their English wasn’t as good as I thought or something was getting lost in translation.

That’s just how it works. You have to hear a lot of no before you hear yes.

It’s a small part – I’ll only be on set 1 day – but it’s a real movie with a real company. They work with all the biggest stars in Hong Kong.

They want me to be available after my day on set for any reshoots that might come up and because stuff happens. It might take longer than 1 day, but they don’t think it will. I can easily take a day off work and if they surprise me with another day without much notice I can always call in sick.

I’m going to be in a real movie that people will actually see. I won’t be onscreen very long, but it’s a start. It could easily lead to bigger and better things.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Living with Lily part 5

Sometimes living with 2 other people in a tiny apartment has its share of problems. There’s never enough privacy for everyone. When it was just me & Ryan we didn’t really worry about privacy. He’s seen every inch of me naked and I don’t mind him getting up close and personal. As long as he gives me privacy in the bathroom I’m good.

With my best friend and her boyfriend it’s a little different. We try to respect each other’s boundaries, but we inevitably intrude on each other’s personal space now and then. I walked in on Kevin while he was peeing last week. Lily’s walked in on me in the shower lots of times. Kevin’s walked in on Lily in the shower. Then they were both in there for a long time. I can only guess what they were doing.

Today was the worst one. Kevin came in the bedroom while I was masturbating. No one was home when I started and he didn’t know anyone was home when he came home. I’m still embarrassed.

I’m not ashamed to say I masturbate. It’s totally normal. Especially when your boyfriend lives in another country and you haven’t had sex in 2 months. That’s an eternity for us. I’m going to see him soon and I’m sure we’ll have lots of sex, but in the meantime I’ll just have to satisfy myself.

I try to do it when no one else is home. Sometimes I do it at night before I go to bed. Lily & Kevin might be there, but they’re in the other room asleep – or having sex. I can always hear them having sex. That’s just worse because it reminds me what I’m missing. I’m happy for them, but I’m jealous for me.

I used to do it in the shower – we have a hand held shower head that’s great for reaching all the hard to reach places – but now with Lily & Kevin around I’m never sure if someone’s going to come in the bathroom while I’m pleasuring myself.

The bedroom when no one is home is always a safe bet – until now. When Kevin walked in he scared the hell out of me. I covered myself with the sheets as fast as I could and I really don’t know how much he saw, but I was totally mortified. Even if he didn’t see anything, he knows what I was doing. I was wearing a shirt, but totally bottomless and lying on the bed.

At least he apologized and closed the door. When I walked in on him peeing I just stood there and stared. Now I’m wondering if he walked in on me as payback.

I guess I should talk to Lily about it. How do you start that conversation? So your boyfriend saw me stirring the honey pot...

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My China Trip part 2

I went to the visa office Monday and picked up my visa to China. It’s a good thing I didn’t apply for it a day later because they were closed Tuesday. I wanted a 1 year multiple entry visa, but they only gave me a 6 month double entry. From what I hear that’s standard for first timers – at least if you’re American. The next time you apply for a visa they might give you something higher – if they want to. The price is the same for Americans no matter what they give you so I assume they want us to apply as many times as possible so they can get more money. A lot of people here seem to think all Americans are rich.

Now I just need to book a flight to Fuzhou and I can finally see my boyfriend in the flesh. I’m pretty excited. I’m going to get laid. That’s not just me being presumptuous. He’s a sure thing.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Living with Lily part 4

It’s been a big adjustment with 3 of us living in my tiny apartment. We all got used to the big house and all that extra space. There was enough room there for a dozen people. My apartment can comfortably house maybe 1 person – more like half a person.

Sometimes Kevin stays at his apartment, so it’s not like there’s always 3 people. Sometimes it’s just me & Lily. Sometimes it’s just me.

Yesterday I came home from work and went straight to the bathroom – because I really had to. The public bathrooms at the MTR stations aren’t the cleanest in the world and it can take a while to make it home. By the time I get off the MTR I might as well wait until I’m home – if I can. The public options aren’t so great in my neighborhood.

When you walk in the door to my tiny apartment you have to turn past the bedroom and make another turn to enter the bathroom. There’s no clear line of sight from anywhere except right in front of the bathroom. Maybe that’s why I didn’t notice Kevin peeing until I was standing at the bathroom door. I don’t know why he had the door open. When you live with 2 other people you’re supposed to close the door. I guess he got too used to all that privacy in the big house.

I know I should’ve walked away as soon as I saw him there – or at least closed the door – but for some reason I just stood there and stared at his cock. His clothes were blocking most of it, but I could see enough to know that I wanted to see more. I pretty much ignored the fact that pee was coming out of there and just focused on his circumcized head.

I’m pretty sure I stared because I haven’t seen one in person in so long, but I still think it was beautiful. Not all cocks are created equally. Some look a lot better than others. Kevin is blessed with a really good looking cock. I don’t think Lily knows how lucky she is.

I bet Kevin does though.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My China Trip part 1

I went to the visa office Wednesday to get a visa to China. I’ve had about enough of never seeing Ryan in person. Even though he doesn’t work long hours he never has more than a whole day off, so it just makes more sense for me to go see him than for him to come see me. He doesn’t need a visa to come to Hong Kong – Americans can stay for 90 days without a visa – but it’s much easier for me to take time off work. If he takes a few days off that means his whole band takes those days off – none of them get paid for that time. If I take a few days off it doesn’t affect anyone’s paycheck except mine. Besides, he’s seen Hong Kong and isn’t very impressed. I’ve never seen mainland China.

I went with Ryan when he got his visa so I knew what to expect. It’s a good thing I did because the official visa office website still says that the office is on the 7th floor of the China Resources Building on Harbour Rd. when it’s really around the corner on Fleming Rd.

The first time I went to the visa office I went straight through security at the front of the building and upstairs to the office. This time there was a long line just to get in the front door. I guess Wednesday is a more popular time to go than Monday. I would think Monday is better since you can pick it up Thursday, but if you go Wednesday you have to wait until the next week to pick it up.

It was just as crowded in the office – at least it seemed crowded. It’s hard to tell which time is more crowded when there are a million people.

Since I already knew how to fill out the forms I already had everything ready to go. It’s a pretty easy procedure once you’ve already done it. I didn’t need as much paperwork as Ryan since I was getting a regular tourist visa and he got a work visa. They want a lot more information if you want a work visa. They seem pretty casual about tourist visas – even though they don’t have that reputation.

The hardest part about the whole thing was waiting for my turn. They used to just give you a number and you had to wait your turn, but now they tell you how many people are ahead of you on your number. Mine said “A076 There have 42 Person”. When we got Ryan’s visa there were over 100 people ahead of us, but it seemed just as crowded both times.

The part I don’t like is that it costs HK$1,100 no matter what type of visa they give you. I checked 1 year multiple entry since that’s the max, but they can give me whatever type they want no matter how much I paid.

Tomorrow I’ll go back and see what I got.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Nude Beach Day II part 4

I don’t know much about lesbians and even less about discrimination and equality laws in Hong Kong. I know that discrimination against people who aren’t Chinese is legal – or at least widely accepted. I know that it was illegal to be a gay man in Hong Kong until just recently, but being lesbian was never illegal. Gay marriage is illegal and if you’re gay in Hong Kong you probably don’t tell many people. I know a few guys who are probably gay, but they’ve never told me they are. I’ve never heard about any violence against gays – people in Hong Kong aren’t the violent type – but being gay is mostly frowned upon.

It probably takes a lot of balls to join a gay organization and march in parades. The lesbians at the beach were taking a big risk. Not only were they announcing that they were gay, but they were doing it at a nude beach – which probably isn’t legal in Hong Kong. There was a mix of Chinese and white people. I assume most of them were foreigners. There was even a black girl. It must be really hard to be a black lesbian in Hong Kong. It's hard enough to be straight and black in China.

Once we realized that we were in the middle of a lesbian field trip I started to get offended by the girl who was hitting on Lily. How did she know we weren’t a couple? We were obviously there together and if she assumed we were lesbians, why not assume we were a couple? And why hit on just Lily and not me?

Once we realized where we were it was more obvious that a lot of the casual conversations we were having was flirting and girls hitting on us. We didn’t see it at first because it never crossed our minds. When a guy I don’t know comes up to me and starts small talk I assume he’s hitting on me. When a girl does it I assume she’s just making small talk. I’ve always known I could be wrong about the guys, but now it turns out I was wrong about the girls.

One hairy girl came up to us and stood with one of her feet on a basket the way a guy would, trying to give us a clear view of her crotch – just the way a guy would. When I say she was hairy I don’t just mean her big afro bush. It looked like a razor had never touched her body. She looked down at us and said, “Yeah, smooth. Just the way I like it.” I didn’t say anything, but I thought if she likes it smooth, why not shell out a couple bucks and get a Gillette. Maybe she was the butch lesbian in the bunch.

Another girl only talked to Lily and wouldn’t even look at me. I wasn’t even there as far as she was concerned. More girls hit on Lily than on me. Lily has blonde hair and bigger breasts. She’s prettier than I am, so I can understand why she was more popular. It didn’t matter anyway. None of them were going to get any from us.

Only one Asian girl hit on us. She seemed to like me more than Lily. Maybe Asians like dark hair. I don’t know.

Most of the girls didn’t hit on us at all. I think some of them could tell we’re not lesbians. I’m sure some just weren’t interested. You could tell that some of them were couples, so they weren’t there to score.

Even though we weren’t part of the group, we had some interesting conversations and we both walked away with a few phone numbers – but not from the girls just looking to get laid. By the time we left we made a few new friends.

I’m glad we went to the beach that day. I wasn’t expecting so many people there, but they turned out to be pretty friendly and I was never as uncomfortable as I would’ve been if they were men. By the end of the day I was comfortable being naked around a bunch of girls. It was a good day to be naked. The sun was shining, it didn’t rain and the water was great.

I think I’d be willing to go back again some time. I’d have to check some kind of event calendar. I don’t want to go when it’s a truck driver’s field trip day.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Nude Beach Day II part 3

We left early in the morning so we’d have enough time to spend at the beach and still be back before the traffic got really bad. That was the plan anyway. It took us a lot longer to find the beach than we expected. Lantau is maybe 12 miles across, but we drove around it for hours. Eventually we found a dirt parking lot that looked like the same dirt parking lot from the last time – at least as far as I could tell. Dirt parking lots usually look the same to me.

We walked our way to the shore and as soon as we reached the beach I could tell that we were at the right place. It was as beautiful – and deserted – as I remembered. We found a nice spot to make camp and Lily got naked pretty easily. The weather was good and no one else was around so I followed her after I took a few minutes to get comfortable.

When I told Ryan about this, I exaggerated how much sunscreen we put on each other. We did each other’s backs, but I made it sound more arousing than it really was. I told him about rubbing lotion on each other’s legs and stomachs then moving on to butts and breasts. Before I got too carried away, I admitted that it wasn’t all that. He liked hearing about us oiling up our own breasts anyway.

After maybe half an hour, we heard someone coming toward us. Two girls walked right up to us. I kind of casually covered myself while Lily just stayed naked. I’m not sure what the nude beach etiquette is, but I thought they could have easily stayed away from us. There was plenty of room on the beach. I’m a friendly person and I can understand introducing yourself in other settings, but it seems like a nude beach is a place where you keep your distance. I was wrong about that.

The other girls both got naked right away. They weren’t shy at all. Right in the middle of small talk they took off all their clothes in front of us. I didn’t want to be rude and move to another part of the beach, but it suddenly seemed weird that I was the only person covering myself. Putting my clothes back on at that point would have been awkward.

Pretty soon another girl came up to us. She didn’t seem to know the other girls – and she definitely didn’t know Lily & me – but she came right up to us just like the others had. She also got naked while introducing herself. I was still trying to get used to people getting naked right away, but this was a nude beach and I guess there’s no point in going there if you’re not going to get naked.

I was still wondering what to do about covering myself while everyone else was naked when Lily said that she wanted to try out the water. The water in Victoria Harbour is gross – you couldn’t pay me enough to swim in that – but the water looks pretty good around the outskirts of Lantau. Hong Kong rates the water quality at beaches and they’ll tell you if it’s bad that month or season or however they do it. When Lily & I went into the water, that took care of my embarrassment. You can’t tell how naked someone is in the water from the beach.

While we were in the water, some other girls came onto the beach. The first time I went to a nude beach – possibly this same beach – Ryan & I were the only people there. This time it was getting more and more crowded. They were all girls – which I guess made me less uncomfortable than if there were guys – but it was still a lot more crowded. Some of the girls got in the water with us – most of them stayed on the beach – but every one of them got naked.

At least everyone wasn’t huddled around our stuff. As more girls came, there were more groups spread out all over the beach. By the time we got out of the water there were enough people on the beach – and all of them naked – that I wasn’t feeling so self-conscious about being naked. When everyone around you is naked, it’s not so weird to be naked yourself. I think having clothes on in that situation would have made me feel more out of place than I did being naked.

When we walked out of the water and to our stuff, I expected everyone to stare at me every step of the way. But they didn’t because they were all just as naked as I was. I wasn’t completely comfortable being naked in front of everyone, but it felt more natural the longer I was.

While we were sitting in the sun, a girl came up to us and asked Lily if she wanted to go somewhere more private. It took both of us a while to figure out that she was hitting on Lily. That was when we both wondered why there were no guys here. Another girl told us that this was a field trip for an LGBT group in Hong Kong. We were surrounded by lesbians.

It was only after I got home that I thought about how much Ryan would have loved this. A beach full of naked lesbians would be a jackpot fantasy for him.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Nude Beach Day II part 2

I really don’t like driving in Hong Kong. They drive on the left side of the road and the steering wheel is on the right side of the car. Driving on the wrong side of the road is pretty easy to get used to. You just follow everyone else. Driving from the wrong side of the car is a little harder. Instead of shifting gears with your right hand, you use your left hand – but the clutch is still on the left. So instead of clutch left foot and shift right hand, it’s clutch left foot and shift left hand. It’s weird.

Hong Kong traffic rules are also very different from American traffic rules. The main rule in America is that you never hit anything. In Minnesota we’re naturally courteous people, so we let others go first even when we have the right of way. The main rule in Chinese driving seems to be everyone try to go first all the time. Nobody has right of way and there’s no such thing as courtesy.

Hong Kong traffic is also much worse than Minneapolis traffic. I’ve driven Minneapolis to St. Paul during rush hour. That’s like a Sunday morning leisure drive compared to any day in Hong Kong. Minnesota driving is relaxing with lakes and natural beauty. Hong Kong driving is frantic chaos. You can’t see any steel & concrete scenery because you have to watch out for all the people trying to crash into you.

The good thing about driving in Hong Kong is that if you go far enough you’ll be out of the city sooner or later. Kowloon is an urban jungle, but it’s surrounded by mountains & parks. The New Territories are still more green than developed and Lantau Island is almost all nature, with small pieces of city.

Getting to Lantau is pretty easy. There are 3 or 4 bridges to Tsing Yi and only 1 bridge to Lantau. You can’t miss it. Once you’re on the island it’s another story. The main street is designed to go to the airport & Disneyland. There are 2 smaller roads that cut through the island north & south and another that covers the south side. Beyond that you have to take tiny rural routes, some less paved than others. The smaller the roads get, the fewer signs there are. Most of the streets in Hong Kong have signs in Chinese & English, but when you get to the tiny roads on Lantau, even Chinese signs are hard to find.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nude Beach Day II part 1

Lily & Kevin wanted to go to that nude beach Ryan & I went to last year, but I couldn’t tell them how to get to it. I’m still not sure how we got there with all the twists & turns we took. I know it’s on the far end of Lantau Island, but that’s about it. So Kevin got directions from Ryan, but Ryan’s not really sure where it is either.

Summer is the rainy season in Hong Kong and this year it rained a lot. So they decided to wait for the typhoon season to end. Lily also has to work more in the summer.

By the time the weather got better and Lily had more time they weren’t sure if Kevin could go or not. Usually when Lily works less, he works more. She wanted me to go with them, but I didn’t want to get naked in front of Kevin and I didn’t think she wanted him to get naked in front of me. She said she didn’t mind. He’s been in various states of naked in front of me before, but I could never really see anything. At a nude beach I’m sure I’d be able to see everything.

Eventually she convinced me to go with them and I decided I’d just wear a bathing suit while they got naked. At that point the odds were 50/50 that Kevin would be able to go. I thought if he didn’t go then maybe I’d get naked. Since it was completely empty when Ryan & I went, I assumed it would be empty this time.

It turned out that Kevin couldn’t go. We borrowed a car from a friend of a friend of Kevin’s. I had to drive because it was a stick shift and Lily can only drive automatics.

I’m going to spread this out over a few parts because it’s going to be a pretty long story.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Emperor Audition part 2

I got a callback at Emperor. Since it’s a very small part I have to think getting a 2nd audition is a good thing. They’re probably not going to spend too much time casting bit parts.

They told me the name of the movie, but it’s in Chinese so I don’t really know what it is. The English title will probably be something completely different. Chinese titles and English titles never seem to have anything in common. “Up in the Air” is “the Flightlog Sportsman” in Chinese. Usually the Chinese title is more about the story than a translation of the English title. “Juno” is “Teenage Pregnancy in Mind”.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Clear Water Bay House part 4

We don’t have the big house anymore. The owners are back in Hong Kong and that means we’re back in my tiny apartment. We went from 4 large bedrooms to 1 tiny bedroom. We each had our own private bathroom. Now we’re sharing 1 tiny bathroom. We had a huge kitchen with everything you could need. Now we’re back to my tiny kitchen with no counter space and only enough room for 1 person at a time. Gone are the sundeck with that gorgeous view of the ocean and outer islands and that amazing hot tub. My apartment has a tiny balcony for laundry and a view of other apartments.

I really miss that house.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Moon Festival 2012

Sunday was the Moon Festival. Since it was on a Sunday, Monday was a public holiday. This made it the perfect day to have a party. Since we still have the big house, we threw a big party. There were celebrations all over the city, but the big house is a great place to have a party.

The Moon Festival is all about red lanterns, moon cakes and barbecue. Some of our Chinese friends brought a few red lanterns and a lot of moon cakes. Kevin & a few other foreigners were responsible for the barbecue. We didn’t do it the Chinese way. I like Chinese food, but our style of barbecue is much better.

Moon cakes seem to mean a million different things to a million different people. They don’t mean anything to me since it’s not my culture. They’re basically tiny cakes or filled cookies, depending how you look at it and how they’re made. They come in a huge variety of styles and flavors. Most of the moon cakes we had at the party were store bought. Some were homemade. The homemade ones were much better.

I don’t really understand the red lanterns, but they look nice and when they were all lit up and sent into the sky it looked pretty impressive. I don’t know whose job it is to clean up all the red lanterns when they make their way back down, but I bet they’re pretty busy right about now.

They probably had fireworks at Victoria Harbour, but you can’t see it from the house. I think our view was better anyway. We got to watch our red lanterns and some others from other people floating away over the ocean.