Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Nude Beach Day II part 1

Lily & Kevin wanted to go to that nude beach Ryan & I went to last year, but I couldn’t tell them how to get to it. I’m still not sure how we got there with all the twists & turns we took. I know it’s on the far end of Lantau Island, but that’s about it. So Kevin got directions from Ryan, but Ryan’s not really sure where it is either.

Summer is the rainy season in Hong Kong and this year it rained a lot. So they decided to wait for the typhoon season to end. Lily also has to work more in the summer.

By the time the weather got better and Lily had more time they weren’t sure if Kevin could go or not. Usually when Lily works less, he works more. She wanted me to go with them, but I didn’t want to get naked in front of Kevin and I didn’t think she wanted him to get naked in front of me. She said she didn’t mind. He’s been in various states of naked in front of me before, but I could never really see anything. At a nude beach I’m sure I’d be able to see everything.

Eventually she convinced me to go with them and I decided I’d just wear a bathing suit while they got naked. At that point the odds were 50/50 that Kevin would be able to go. I thought if he didn’t go then maybe I’d get naked. Since it was completely empty when Ryan & I went, I assumed it would be empty this time.

It turned out that Kevin couldn’t go. We borrowed a car from a friend of a friend of Kevin’s. I had to drive because it was a stick shift and Lily can only drive automatics.

I’m going to spread this out over a few parts because it’s going to be a pretty long story.

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