Monday, October 15, 2012

Nude Beach Day II part 3

We left early in the morning so we’d have enough time to spend at the beach and still be back before the traffic got really bad. That was the plan anyway. It took us a lot longer to find the beach than we expected. Lantau is maybe 12 miles across, but we drove around it for hours. Eventually we found a dirt parking lot that looked like the same dirt parking lot from the last time – at least as far as I could tell. Dirt parking lots usually look the same to me.

We walked our way to the shore and as soon as we reached the beach I could tell that we were at the right place. It was as beautiful – and deserted – as I remembered. We found a nice spot to make camp and Lily got naked pretty easily. The weather was good and no one else was around so I followed her after I took a few minutes to get comfortable.

When I told Ryan about this, I exaggerated how much sunscreen we put on each other. We did each other’s backs, but I made it sound more arousing than it really was. I told him about rubbing lotion on each other’s legs and stomachs then moving on to butts and breasts. Before I got too carried away, I admitted that it wasn’t all that. He liked hearing about us oiling up our own breasts anyway.

After maybe half an hour, we heard someone coming toward us. Two girls walked right up to us. I kind of casually covered myself while Lily just stayed naked. I’m not sure what the nude beach etiquette is, but I thought they could have easily stayed away from us. There was plenty of room on the beach. I’m a friendly person and I can understand introducing yourself in other settings, but it seems like a nude beach is a place where you keep your distance. I was wrong about that.

The other girls both got naked right away. They weren’t shy at all. Right in the middle of small talk they took off all their clothes in front of us. I didn’t want to be rude and move to another part of the beach, but it suddenly seemed weird that I was the only person covering myself. Putting my clothes back on at that point would have been awkward.

Pretty soon another girl came up to us. She didn’t seem to know the other girls – and she definitely didn’t know Lily & me – but she came right up to us just like the others had. She also got naked while introducing herself. I was still trying to get used to people getting naked right away, but this was a nude beach and I guess there’s no point in going there if you’re not going to get naked.

I was still wondering what to do about covering myself while everyone else was naked when Lily said that she wanted to try out the water. The water in Victoria Harbour is gross – you couldn’t pay me enough to swim in that – but the water looks pretty good around the outskirts of Lantau. Hong Kong rates the water quality at beaches and they’ll tell you if it’s bad that month or season or however they do it. When Lily & I went into the water, that took care of my embarrassment. You can’t tell how naked someone is in the water from the beach.

While we were in the water, some other girls came onto the beach. The first time I went to a nude beach – possibly this same beach – Ryan & I were the only people there. This time it was getting more and more crowded. They were all girls – which I guess made me less uncomfortable than if there were guys – but it was still a lot more crowded. Some of the girls got in the water with us – most of them stayed on the beach – but every one of them got naked.

At least everyone wasn’t huddled around our stuff. As more girls came, there were more groups spread out all over the beach. By the time we got out of the water there were enough people on the beach – and all of them naked – that I wasn’t feeling so self-conscious about being naked. When everyone around you is naked, it’s not so weird to be naked yourself. I think having clothes on in that situation would have made me feel more out of place than I did being naked.

When we walked out of the water and to our stuff, I expected everyone to stare at me every step of the way. But they didn’t because they were all just as naked as I was. I wasn’t completely comfortable being naked in front of everyone, but it felt more natural the longer I was.

While we were sitting in the sun, a girl came up to us and asked Lily if she wanted to go somewhere more private. It took both of us a while to figure out that she was hitting on Lily. That was when we both wondered why there were no guys here. Another girl told us that this was a field trip for an LGBT group in Hong Kong. We were surrounded by lesbians.

It was only after I got home that I thought about how much Ryan would have loved this. A beach full of naked lesbians would be a jackpot fantasy for him.

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