Sunday, October 28, 2012

Living with Lily part 5

Sometimes living with 2 other people in a tiny apartment has its share of problems. There’s never enough privacy for everyone. When it was just me & Ryan we didn’t really worry about privacy. He’s seen every inch of me naked and I don’t mind him getting up close and personal. As long as he gives me privacy in the bathroom I’m good.

With my best friend and her boyfriend it’s a little different. We try to respect each other’s boundaries, but we inevitably intrude on each other’s personal space now and then. I walked in on Kevin while he was peeing last week. Lily’s walked in on me in the shower lots of times. Kevin’s walked in on Lily in the shower. Then they were both in there for a long time. I can only guess what they were doing.

Today was the worst one. Kevin came in the bedroom while I was masturbating. No one was home when I started and he didn’t know anyone was home when he came home. I’m still embarrassed.

I’m not ashamed to say I masturbate. It’s totally normal. Especially when your boyfriend lives in another country and you haven’t had sex in 2 months. That’s an eternity for us. I’m going to see him soon and I’m sure we’ll have lots of sex, but in the meantime I’ll just have to satisfy myself.

I try to do it when no one else is home. Sometimes I do it at night before I go to bed. Lily & Kevin might be there, but they’re in the other room asleep – or having sex. I can always hear them having sex. That’s just worse because it reminds me what I’m missing. I’m happy for them, but I’m jealous for me.

I used to do it in the shower – we have a hand held shower head that’s great for reaching all the hard to reach places – but now with Lily & Kevin around I’m never sure if someone’s going to come in the bathroom while I’m pleasuring myself.

The bedroom when no one is home is always a safe bet – until now. When Kevin walked in he scared the hell out of me. I covered myself with the sheets as fast as I could and I really don’t know how much he saw, but I was totally mortified. Even if he didn’t see anything, he knows what I was doing. I was wearing a shirt, but totally bottomless and lying on the bed.

At least he apologized and closed the door. When I walked in on him peeing I just stood there and stared. Now I’m wondering if he walked in on me as payback.

I guess I should talk to Lily about it. How do you start that conversation? So your boyfriend saw me stirring the honey pot...


  1. were you just using your hands?

  2. I couldnt stop laughing when i read this article...
    Then i thought, actually i have the most respect for you and what you have just published on your blog! At least you mentioned it and you are honest about it! It doesn't matter even if you were 'shaking alone for pleasure' alot of others out there who do this kind of stuff, would never have the guts to admit it! So Hailey, i totally respect you !!
    So dont worry if you were using your hands to 'stir the honey pot' as i'm sure others do this too!

  3. Do You people not knock on the door before getting in ?



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