Thursday, January 31, 2013

New Year Trip part 1

I finally have some good news to report. Ryan & I are taking a trip! He’s getting some time off and rather than just come to Hong Kong while I work, I’m taking some time off and we’re going somewhere. We don’t know where yet. I don’t really care. The point is to spend time together. We haven’t seen each other in forever.

All we know is that the trip will be after the Chinese New Year. We both have to work during it – it’s the busiest time of year for me – and it’s too expensive to go anywhere during Chinese New Year anyway. Since most Chinese people are traveling, everything costs a lot more. I always volunteer to work extra hours since the holiday doesn’t really mean anything to me and it’s the most important holiday for most of my coworkers. I cover as many of their shifts as I can so they can spend more time with their families.

Disneyland isn’t the worst place in the world to be during the Chinese New Year. They pull out all the stops and it’s a pretty fun atmosphere. We’re always supposed to be on – the happiest place on Earth and all that, but you can’t be peppy & sparkly all the time. It’s a lot easier when they throw a giant party.

They also go extra crazy with the fireworks, but I’m kind of burned out on fireworks right now. You can see fireworks every night in Hong Kong. It’s nothing special when it happens all the time.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bad Dream

I had a horrible dream last night. It wasn’t a dream – it was a nightmare.

Usually I dream about my career or Ryan. I call the PA who I’ve been dealing with on the movie I did about once a week to ask her when it will come out. They’re still filming, so it’s going to be a while. I’ve been having lots of dreams about making movies lately.

I dream about Ryan a lot because we never see each other. We talk at least once a day – sometimes more, but we haven’t seen each other in person in 11 weeks.

Those are good dreams. Usually only good things happen and I’m always happy waking up from those dreams. This one was a nightmare.

Lily & I were on some beach I didn’t recognize. It probably doesn’t exist. We were just hanging out and talking about whatever when a group of 5 middle-aged Chinese men approached us. It was ominous right from the start. Chinese men are usually not at all threatening – and they always travel in packs, so it’s not at all unusual to see a group coming toward you, but in my dream I knew right away this was bad. They were walking right to us with purpose – not just walking by.

The leader of the group snapped his fingers and one of the other guys took out a knife and held it up to Lily’s throat. The leader told us to stay calm – if anyone screamed, Lily would die. Of course we kept quiet. The leader explained what their plan was and what he expected us to do.

He said they were all going to take turns with me. No one was going to cum inside me – they were saving that for later, but he didn’t say what. If we cooperated we’d get out of there in one piece. If we caused problems, they’d start cutting us up. While he was explaining their plan, one of the men kept his knife at Lily’s throat and another took off my bikini. I wanted to stop him, but I knew they’d kill Lily. After I was naked, another one took off Lily’s bikini – all the while that knife was at her throat.

The leader motioned to one of the other men who grabbed my hair and pulled me down to the sand. Someone handed the leader a big tube of lube and he started rubbing it all over me – not just my pussy, but all over my thighs & stomach. He got hard while lubing up my belly button. I almost laughed because it was so strange.

He pushed himself inside me and I felt a sense of relief. Up to that point it was mostly fear of the unknown – like being in a hostage situation and you don’t know when or how it’s all going to end. At least now I knew that once it started it couldn’t last very long.

He told his friends that I was very tight and announced that I must be a virgin. They all seemed pretty happy and one of them said “we finally found one”. Lily & I looked at each other knowing they’d done this before. After one of them mentioned yet again that I was a virgin, another one said “not anymore” and they all laughed.

The leader couldn’t last very long and he got up and walked away. Another one got on top of me and the leader forced his cock into Lily’s mouth. He told her to taste me and one of them said that she probably already has. They laughed about that as well.

The second guy also couldn’t last very long and a third got on top of me. While he was there, the fourth was forcing Lily to blow him. They soon switched places. They all alternated between me & Lily – after they were in me they’d put their cocks in Lily’s mouth.

When they were all finished switching back & forth, they all stood around me in a circle and came on my face. When they were all spent, the leader looked at Lily and said “thanks again” and Lily smiled. That’s when I knew she was in on it.

My heart sank. Being gang raped by a bunch of Chinese punks was bad enough, but being set up by my best friend was just too much. That’s when I woke up.

I felt sick. I can usually shake off bad dreams because they’re just dreams. I was safe & sound in my bed. Nothing bad happened to me – in another frame of mind it could have been a happy orgy dream with a bunch of studs satisfying my every whim, but the idea that Lily would do something like that made me feel terrible.

I know she didn’t really do anything – it was just a dream – but it stayed in my mind for a long time. I’m still thinking about it.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Three's a Crowd

Sometimes I think 3 people are too many in a tiny Hong Kong apartment. I love Lily to death and Kevin platonically, but sometimes I want them to leave. I don’t want to live alone, but I want some personal space and privacy from time to time.

Kevin came in to pee while I was taking a shower twice already. We’ve had other bathroom issues. I’ve walked in on him peeing and he’s walked in on me. Fortunately, when I’m peeing all you can see is me sitting down. There’s nothing exciting about it. When he’s peeing you can see plenty. And I mean plenty.

We have a simple rule about the bathroom door. When it’s closed, don’t come in. The door doesn’t lock. It’s supposed to, but the lock is broken. I’ve tried to get the manager to fix it. Lily & Kevin have tried to get the manager to fix it. None of us knows how to fix it ourselves.

Kevin has a hard time with this rule. When he grew up everyone left the bathroom door open all the time. I guess they just walked in on each other all the time. That’s not the way I grew up at all. I’m not used to people walking in on me when I’m in the bathroom. I had a hard enough time when Ryan used to do it, now I’m dealing with Kevin. I don’t know why guys can’t understand what a closed door is.

It’s a very small bathroom. There’s no room for more than one person even if I wanted more people in there with me. The shower’s right next to the toilet. There’s just a curtain separating them. If you have a cock, you can pee from the shower without missing the toilet. I’ve seen Ryan do it. That was only after I complained about him peeing in the shower. On the other side of the toilet is the sink. That’s it. This is not a 5 star apartment.

Technically you can fit another person if one is in the shower, but the shower curtain doesn’t hide nearly enough for my taste. We had a darker one, but it was too dark and got moldy after only a couple of weeks. You can’t really see through it, but you can tell if someone’s naked. I suppose it’s always obvious that someone’s naked when they’re taking a shower, but that doesn’t mean I want an audience.

You can also hear the water running when someone’s taking a shower, so that should tell them not to come in, but maybe guys can’t figure that part out.

The first time, Kevin said he really had to pee and if I didn’t let him in he’d have to go in the kitchen sink. I don’t want him peeing 2 feet away from me taking a shower, but I don’t want him peeing in the kitchen sink either. I quickly wrapped a towel around myself and waited in the bedroom while he did what he had to do. The second time I had soap in my hair and couldn’t leave fast enough for him. I don’t know why he has the bladder of an old man.

When I rinsed my hair I could see his cock through the curtain. It was blurry, but you could easily tell what it was. I guess he could see that I was looking because he said that I’ve already seen it and I’m welcome to watch him pee any time. I said I should tell Lily and he said she got that invitation a long time ago. I don’t know what’s with guys wanting people to watch them pee. I’ve never known any girl who wanted to be watched peeing.

You can shoot pee out of your cock – congratulations. It’s nothing amazing. Let me know when diamonds come out of there.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Online Offline

They also shut off the water a lot. I really don’t understand this at all. I’ve been told it’s to clean the pipes or water tanks, but I’ve also been told it’s to fix or adjust the water pressure. The water pressure in my apartment is ok so I don’t need them to play around with it, but if they’re cleaning something then by all means do it. Hong Kong water isn’t all the clean to begin with so any dirty pipes aren’t going to help.

I’ve been drinking tap water all my life, but the first thing I was told about Hong Kong was to not drink the water. It’s clean enough to wash with it and I’ve been brushing my teeth with Hong Kong tap water for almost 2 years so I hope it’s ok, but I’ve never tried to drink it.

What I don’t understand is why they have to turn off the water so often. I could understand once a year, but they’ve done it a dozen times since I’ve been in this apartment. The worst part is that they usually do it when I’m home. They usually turn it off during the week – maybe because that’s when most people are at work. That’s probably a good idea, but I work weekends, so my days off are during the week – and they always manage to turn off the water when I’m home. It wouldn’t be so bad if the water was off for an hour or two, but they turn off the water all day. It’s usually between 8 & 5.

I like having running water in my apartment. I use water all the time. When it’s off there are a lot of things I can’t do – or that I have to do at some other time. Sometimes I really realize how much of a spoiled American I am. I don’t want to schedule my day around whether I’ll have water or not.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Offline Online

I finally got the internet turned back on. It was off and I still don’t know why. No one can answer that question. The TV goes off all the time also, but I still get to pay the full bill. Sometimes it just shuts off for no reason. It can be off for minutes, hours or even days. The attitude of everyone seems to be that this is just the way it is. I think I should get a discount when I don’t get a full month’s service, but they never seem to agree with me.

The internet never shuts off while I’m using it, but sometimes when I try to go online there’s no connection. Then I have to make a few phone calls and eventually it’s back up & running. No one has ever explained to me why this happens. I don’t think it’s just poor customer service. I think no one really knows and they’re not too bothered about it.

When things shut off while Ryan’s here he gets mad – especially if it’s the TV. He hates it when it shuts off for no reason while he’s watching some game. It’s always an important game – but they all seem to be important. I don’t get mad, but I do wonder why none of the people who work for these companies seem to care. They’re also customers and it happens to them too, but it doesn’t seem to matter to them. I just want what I’m paying for.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Lily's Revenge Ideas

Lily came back to Hong Kong and we had a lot to talk about – her father’s health, this year’s Christmas show, my boyfriend getting a hand job from a Chinese prostitute – the usual.

Her father is doing well. The doctors say he’ll fully recover and be as good as new in no time. He has to change his diet and start living a healthy lifestyle, but everyone should anyway.

The Christmas show was supposed to be “bigger & better than ever” this year. They always say that. Disneyland has special shows for Christmas, Chinese New Year, Halloween and summer. Each one is always supposed to be better than the last. Personally, I think Celebration in the Air started strong, but it got kind of routine after a while.

Lily & I were by ourselves at home drinking a little too much. I’m not a big drinker, but sometimes a drink or two at the end of a long week isn’t such a bad thing. A friend gave Lily a bottle of wine and we destroyed it. We’re both relatively small – maybe not by Chinese standards – and we hadn’t eaten in a while, so we got drunk pretty fast.

I told her about Ryan’s Chinese hand job massage. The more I talked about it the more upset I got. I was ready to kick that whore’s ass – even though I have no idea who or where she is and I’m not a fighter at all. If I punched someone I’d probably hurt myself more than her.

Lily suggested we go to China and castrate Ryan in his sleep, but I thought that might be a bit too extreme. I wasn’t blaming Ryan. I was blaming the whore. I’d miss Ryan’s cock way too much to do that anyway. Lily said I could keep it in a jar. This was all the wine talking. We’d never do anything like that.

I asked Lily what she would do if it were Kevin and she said castrate him in his sleep. So I set up a scenario for her. Let’s say Kevin’s getting a normal harmless massage and suddenly she grabs his cock. How could he stop it before it happened? He’s a foreigner in China. He doesn’t know which places are legitimate and which are full of whores. I don’t know how you can tell the difference if you don’t really know the culture very well. Barely knowing Chinese probably doesn’t help either.

Lily had to agree with me that it’s the whore’s fault more than Ryan’s, but still thought Ryan should be punished. We tossed around a few ideas, some less realistic than others. We were also tossing back drinks at the time.

Lily suggested I tell Ryan that I got a massage from a guy and he touched me in ways that would make Ryan’s head explode. I killed that idea with the obvious point that I would never do that – and Ryan knows it. He wouldn’t believe that I would let a strange guy touch me like that.

Lily’s best idea was that we set up a massage appointment for Ryan, but instead of a girl doing it, we make sure it’s a guy. The last thing Ryan wants is a guy giving him a full body massage. Even a legitimate massage from a guy would freak him out. We couldn’t figure out how to arrange it. Even sober, I have no idea how to make something like that work. We don’t know who to call or where to go. It would be far too much effort.

Lily’s easiest idea was that we take a picture of me grabbing Kevin’s cock and send it to Ryan. The downside to that is that Ryan & Kevin’s friendship would be over and there would be a picture out there of me grabbing a cock. That’s not the best thing for my career. I can also see myself sitting alone on the couch while Lily & Kevin are in the bedroom after I got him hard. How is that revenge? It’s great for them, but it doesn’t do me any good.