Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bad Dream

I had a horrible dream last night. It wasn’t a dream – it was a nightmare.

Usually I dream about my career or Ryan. I call the PA who I’ve been dealing with on the movie I did about once a week to ask her when it will come out. They’re still filming, so it’s going to be a while. I’ve been having lots of dreams about making movies lately.

I dream about Ryan a lot because we never see each other. We talk at least once a day – sometimes more, but we haven’t seen each other in person in 11 weeks.

Those are good dreams. Usually only good things happen and I’m always happy waking up from those dreams. This one was a nightmare.

Lily & I were on some beach I didn’t recognize. It probably doesn’t exist. We were just hanging out and talking about whatever when a group of 5 middle-aged Chinese men approached us. It was ominous right from the start. Chinese men are usually not at all threatening – and they always travel in packs, so it’s not at all unusual to see a group coming toward you, but in my dream I knew right away this was bad. They were walking right to us with purpose – not just walking by.

The leader of the group snapped his fingers and one of the other guys took out a knife and held it up to Lily’s throat. The leader told us to stay calm – if anyone screamed, Lily would die. Of course we kept quiet. The leader explained what their plan was and what he expected us to do.

He said they were all going to take turns with me. No one was going to cum inside me – they were saving that for later, but he didn’t say what. If we cooperated we’d get out of there in one piece. If we caused problems, they’d start cutting us up. While he was explaining their plan, one of the men kept his knife at Lily’s throat and another took off my bikini. I wanted to stop him, but I knew they’d kill Lily. After I was naked, another one took off Lily’s bikini – all the while that knife was at her throat.

The leader motioned to one of the other men who grabbed my hair and pulled me down to the sand. Someone handed the leader a big tube of lube and he started rubbing it all over me – not just my pussy, but all over my thighs & stomach. He got hard while lubing up my belly button. I almost laughed because it was so strange.

He pushed himself inside me and I felt a sense of relief. Up to that point it was mostly fear of the unknown – like being in a hostage situation and you don’t know when or how it’s all going to end. At least now I knew that once it started it couldn’t last very long.

He told his friends that I was very tight and announced that I must be a virgin. They all seemed pretty happy and one of them said “we finally found one”. Lily & I looked at each other knowing they’d done this before. After one of them mentioned yet again that I was a virgin, another one said “not anymore” and they all laughed.

The leader couldn’t last very long and he got up and walked away. Another one got on top of me and the leader forced his cock into Lily’s mouth. He told her to taste me and one of them said that she probably already has. They laughed about that as well.

The second guy also couldn’t last very long and a third got on top of me. While he was there, the fourth was forcing Lily to blow him. They soon switched places. They all alternated between me & Lily – after they were in me they’d put their cocks in Lily’s mouth.

When they were all finished switching back & forth, they all stood around me in a circle and came on my face. When they were all spent, the leader looked at Lily and said “thanks again” and Lily smiled. That’s when I knew she was in on it.

My heart sank. Being gang raped by a bunch of Chinese punks was bad enough, but being set up by my best friend was just too much. That’s when I woke up.

I felt sick. I can usually shake off bad dreams because they’re just dreams. I was safe & sound in my bed. Nothing bad happened to me – in another frame of mind it could have been a happy orgy dream with a bunch of studs satisfying my every whim, but the idea that Lily would do something like that made me feel terrible.

I know she didn’t really do anything – it was just a dream – but it stayed in my mind for a long time. I’m still thinking about it.

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