Sunday, January 27, 2013

Three's a Crowd

Sometimes I think 3 people are too many in a tiny Hong Kong apartment. I love Lily to death and Kevin platonically, but sometimes I want them to leave. I don’t want to live alone, but I want some personal space and privacy from time to time.

Kevin came in to pee while I was taking a shower twice already. We’ve had other bathroom issues. I’ve walked in on him peeing and he’s walked in on me. Fortunately, when I’m peeing all you can see is me sitting down. There’s nothing exciting about it. When he’s peeing you can see plenty. And I mean plenty.

We have a simple rule about the bathroom door. When it’s closed, don’t come in. The door doesn’t lock. It’s supposed to, but the lock is broken. I’ve tried to get the manager to fix it. Lily & Kevin have tried to get the manager to fix it. None of us knows how to fix it ourselves.

Kevin has a hard time with this rule. When he grew up everyone left the bathroom door open all the time. I guess they just walked in on each other all the time. That’s not the way I grew up at all. I’m not used to people walking in on me when I’m in the bathroom. I had a hard enough time when Ryan used to do it, now I’m dealing with Kevin. I don’t know why guys can’t understand what a closed door is.

It’s a very small bathroom. There’s no room for more than one person even if I wanted more people in there with me. The shower’s right next to the toilet. There’s just a curtain separating them. If you have a cock, you can pee from the shower without missing the toilet. I’ve seen Ryan do it. That was only after I complained about him peeing in the shower. On the other side of the toilet is the sink. That’s it. This is not a 5 star apartment.

Technically you can fit another person if one is in the shower, but the shower curtain doesn’t hide nearly enough for my taste. We had a darker one, but it was too dark and got moldy after only a couple of weeks. You can’t really see through it, but you can tell if someone’s naked. I suppose it’s always obvious that someone’s naked when they’re taking a shower, but that doesn’t mean I want an audience.

You can also hear the water running when someone’s taking a shower, so that should tell them not to come in, but maybe guys can’t figure that part out.

The first time, Kevin said he really had to pee and if I didn’t let him in he’d have to go in the kitchen sink. I don’t want him peeing 2 feet away from me taking a shower, but I don’t want him peeing in the kitchen sink either. I quickly wrapped a towel around myself and waited in the bedroom while he did what he had to do. The second time I had soap in my hair and couldn’t leave fast enough for him. I don’t know why he has the bladder of an old man.

When I rinsed my hair I could see his cock through the curtain. It was blurry, but you could easily tell what it was. I guess he could see that I was looking because he said that I’ve already seen it and I’m welcome to watch him pee any time. I said I should tell Lily and he said she got that invitation a long time ago. I don’t know what’s with guys wanting people to watch them pee. I’ve never known any girl who wanted to be watched peeing.

You can shoot pee out of your cock – congratulations. It’s nothing amazing. Let me know when diamonds come out of there.

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