Friday, May 20, 2016

Jerusalem Hotel 2230

Today has been a roller coaster. In the morning, I went to Mahane Yehuda, the best spice market in the world. After that, I went to Yad Vashem, the saddest museum in the world. Then I went to the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens, maybe not the most colorful place in the world, but beautiful nonetheless.

The flowers from all over the world were nice, but all of the workshops and activities were a pleasant surprise. This is a great place for children – if you're a child, go there right now. Tell your parents I said it's ok – But I stuck to the adult activities.

There was a tiny Montmartre train that gives a tour of the gardens. That was fun, but a little unnecessary.

There was a musical tour that combined music and plants from different continents and ended in a percussion workshop, which was really unusual. Especially at a botanical garden.

There was a medicinal plant tour where everyone made sachets of different herb blends to take home. That was educational and probably better for people who have ailments for the herbs to heal.

There was a tour of crops from the Bible. The best part about that was baking our own bread in traditional ovens. They gave us some hummus to go with the bread, so that was nice. I only wish they had a class for making hummus. What I make at home is nothing like what I've been eating here. If I take anything away from this trip, it has to be a good hummus recipe.

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