Sunday, May 15, 2016

On Set 1030

I'm sitting in a house somewhere in Jerusalem. We're using a real house instead of a sound stage because that's how we roll around here. I think it's mostly cheaper to use real locations.

We're doing a scene where everybody's talking about this & that. It's kind of tedious, really. We get a shot of people talking and then take a break while the crew sets up the next shot. Then we get another shot of people talking before taking another break while the crew moves everything around for the next shot.

This is a tiny independent movie, but a single scene can still take all day to shoot. If this were a big comic book blockbuster, one scene could take several days.

There's not a lot to do in between shots. I could study my lines, but I have almost none in this scene. I wanted to call Lily, but she's at work. I have her phone in my hand, so now I'm typing this.

I don't have much to do in this scene, so I'm mostly just watching everyone else's performance. It's interesting how some actors turn on & off for the camera while others stay in character all day. This is very different from the theater. The crew works hard while the actors sit around and then the crew sits around while the actors work.

And now I have to go. Some women have to play with my hair.

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