Sunday, May 15, 2016

On Set 1600

We're on another break. We take a lot of breaks. Not because of any union rules. I have no idea what the rules are around here. We take breaks while the crew sets up the next shot. We're only shooting two scenes, but it's scheduled to take all day. Some of that time is actual filming. Most is moving around equipment for the next shot and dealing with technical issues. Some of it is makeup and wardrobe.

Right now, I'm about 40 years old. Or at least my character is. I've got a few wrinkles glued to my face and I'm wearing a slightly graying wig. Everyone else is older, too. There are prosthetic bald heads and gray wigs all over the place. Some of us are aging better than others.

This scene takes place 20 years after the scene we shot this morning. They're at opposite ends of the movie, but we're shooting them on the same day because they're in the same location and they're supposed to look similar. That makes it more interesting, from my point of view. I get to watch the actors change how they approach their characters in a day. To the audience, there will be a whole movie between the scenes. For us, it's all together.

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